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SENUKE TNG 4.0.36 :
Instructions :

Run Senuke.exe ,do not enter anything in usename ,password fields.
Click verify . Senuke will run . If any other pop up appear just Click NO,ignore the updates.

If you have 32 bits version ,download this archive :

Extract all from this archive and follow same instructions as previous.


Senuke 3.3.14 XCR :


-run Senuke.exe ,click verify ,ignore login error and click OK.

Senuke will open . If any other error appear that ask for updates ,click NO .
That’s all and will work like a charm 🙂

Another BIG bonus Attached.

Every time when a new version is released just this check the senuke tng link ,you will find the new release there and you can download it.

A lots of tools are in seo part 1,2,3,4 . Please download thiese packages.

seo part 1 :

seo part 2 :

seo part 3 :

seo part 4 :

senuke 32 bit :

SENUKE xcr 64 bit 3.3.5 updated (run senuke.exe , ignore login error and click ok and will work like a charm)

Captcha Sniper X 4.5:

Xrumer :

email marketing tools :

ez article creator :

article rewriter :

instant articles suite :


Market Samurai 0.93.71 :

How to use market Samurai:

1. Go to and register for a trial version.

2. Enter license details to this application.

3. Enjoy paid version cracked

SENUKE 3.3.5

here is the link to backlink beast